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We all love enjoying summer nights out on the patio or heading into the outdoors on our time off for camping and hiking. There is just one problem we run into every year.. Disgusting, annoying BUGS! 

We have found the solution to eliminating bugs from bothering and biting us at night with our brand new Solar Bug Zapper Trap!

Why It Works

Instantly all the bugs that were swarming us headed straight for the 365nm Ultraviolet Light that lights up the entire Solar Bug Zapper Trap. This light mimics the heat and light coming from the human body, thus, attracting bugs. The light is even more intense, making it irresistible to any bug. That is why they will choose the Bug Zapper over your arms and legs!

Once they enter the trap they will be zapped and killed ensuring they don't make it back out into your living space. 

Main Features:

Completely Wireless, this Bug Zapper Trap is portable, it can conveniently stick anywhere with the four suction cups on the back. Strategically placing these around your tent or patio will ensure you eliminate the annoyance of mosquitoes and bugs. 

Solar Powered, it will charge all day and zap away bugs all night with no maintenance! Say goodbye to plugs and replacing batteries. 

Put it Anywhere, it isn't limited to the outdoors -  keep one in your bedroom, the kitchen or in your tent. This will eliminate any bugs that are being annoying ruining food or biting you.

Save Money, this is a one time installation that will make anywhere into a bug free zone. Costing less then a can of bug spray, ensure your whole summer is bug free without having to spend tons of money.

Easy to Clean, just check it every few days by sliding the front off. You will notice it is FULL of all the bugs that would of been biting you. Simply dump them into a garbage and slide the front back on.

No More Chemicals and Sprays, nobody likes spraying down their arms and legs with sticky chemicals.. Known for irritating skin and smelling terrible, bug spray is a thing of the past.

The Solar Bug Zapper Trap in completely non-toxic and cannot harm humans or pets. It works great for the Deck, Patio, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Trailer, Tent and anywhere you can think of.